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Dacor Part# 100429 Halogen Light Bulb (OEM) 20 Watts

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Dacor 100429 OEM Halogen Bulb (20 Watts), manufactured by Dacor
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Fits the following models
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Dacor DO130 Oven
Dacor DO130FS Oven
Dacor DO230 Oven
Dacor DOV130B Oven
Dacor DR30DLP Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor DR30DLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor DR30DNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor DR30DNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor EORD227B Oven
Dacor EORD227SCH Oven
Dacor EORD230B Oven
Dacor EORD230SCH Oven
Dacor EORS127B Oven
Dacor EORS127SCH Oven
Dacor EORS130B Oven
Dacor EORS130SCH Oven
Dacor EORS136SCH Oven
Dacor EORS227B Oven
Dacor EORS227SCH Oven
Dacor EORS230B Oven
Dacor EORS230SCH Oven
Dacor ER30GISCHLP Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GISCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GISCHNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GISCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GSCHLP Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GSCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GSCHNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER30GSCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GISCHLP Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GISCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GISCHNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GISCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GSCHLP Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GSCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GSCHNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER36GSCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER48D-C-SCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER48D-C-SCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER48DSCHLPH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER48DSCHNG Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor ER48DSCHNGH Range-Oven/Stove
Dacor MORD227B Oven
Dacor MORD227S Oven
Dacor MORD230B Oven
Dacor MORD230S Oven
Dacor MORS127B Oven
Dacor MORS127S Oven
Dacor MORS130B Oven
Dacor MORS130S Oven
Dacor MORS227B Oven
Dacor MORS227S Oven
Dacor MORS230B Oven
Dacor MORS230S Oven
Dacor ORS136SCH Oven
Dacor RO130B Oven
Dacor RO130FS Oven
Dacor RO130S Oven
Dacor RO230B Oven
Dacor RO230FS Oven
Dacor RO230S Oven
Dacor ROV130B Oven
Dacor ROV230B Oven