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Panasonic Part# F606Y6G00CP Inverter (OEM)

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Panasonic F606Y6G00CP OEM Inverter, manufactured by Panasonic
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Fits the following models
Panasonic A606Y6G00AP Panasonic F606Y6G00AP Panasonic F606Y6G01CP Panasonic HMB5020 Panasonic HMB5050 Panasonic HMB5060 Panasonic MBEB Panasonic MBES Panasonic MBESLFTD Panasonic MBEW Panasonic NNH264W Panasonic NNH275WF Panasonic NNH504BFR Panasonic NN-H504SFR Panasonic NNH504WFR Panasonic NNH624BFR Panasonic NN-H624SFR Panasonic NNH624WFR Panasonic NN-H625 Panasonic NNH625BF Panasonic NN-H625MF Panasonic NNH625WF Panasonic NN-H635 Panasonic NNH635BF Panasonic NN-H635MF Panasonic NNH635WF Panasonic NN-H645 Panasonic NNH645BF Panasonic NN-H645MF Panasonic NNH645WF Panasonic NN-H665 Panasonic NN-H665BF Panasonic NN-H665MF Panasonic NN-H665WF Panasonic NN-H765BF Panasonic NN-H765WF Panasonic NN-H935 Panasonic NNH935BF Panasonic NNH935WF Panasonic NN-H965 Panasonic NNH965BF Panasonic NN-H965WF Panasonic NN-H965WFB Panasonic NNP994BFR Panasonic NNP994SFR Panasonic NNP994WFR Panasonic NN-S505 Panasonic NNS505BF Panasonic NN-S505MF Panasonic NNS505WF Panasonic NN-S505WM Panasonic NN-S605 Panasonic NN-S605BF Panasonic NN-S605MF Panasonic NN-S605WF Panasonic NN-S605WM Panasonic NN-S615 Panasonic NN-S615BF Panasonic NN-S615MF Panasonic NN-S615WF Panasonic NN-S615WM Panasonic NN-S625 Panasonic NN-S625BF Panasonic NN-S625MF Panasonic NN-S625WF Panasonic NN-S625WM Panasonic NN-S635 Panasonic NNS635BF Panasonic NN-S635MF Panasonic NNS635WF Panasonic NN-S635WM Panasonic NN-S645 Panasonic NNS645BF Panasonic NNS645MF Panasonic NNS645WF Panasonic NN-S645WM Panasonic NN-S655 Panasonic NNS655BF Panasonic NN-S655MF Panasonic NNS655WF Panasonic NN-S655WM Panasonic NN-S665 Panasonic NN-S665BF Panasonic NN-S665MF Panasonic NN-S665WF Panasonic NN-S665WM Panasonic NNS934BFR Panasonic NNS934WFR Panasonic NN-S935 Panasonic NNS935BF Panasonic NNS935WF Panasonic NNS954BFR Panasonic NNS954WFR Panasonic NN-S955 Panasonic NNS955BF Panasonic NNS955WF Panasonic NNSA646M Panasonic NNSA746M Panasonic NNSD797S Panasonic NN-SD987SB Panasonic NNSN656S Panasonic NNSN676S Panasonic NNSN756BT Panasonic NNSN756S Panasonic NNSN776S Panasonic NN-T655 Panasonic NNT655SF Panasonic NN-T664SF Panasonic NNT664SFR Panasonic NNT664SFT Panasonic NNT664SFX Panasonic NN-T665 Panasonic NNT665SF Panasonic NN-T675 Panasonic NNT675SF Panasonic NN-T685 Panasonic NNT685SF Panasonic NN-T695 Panasonic NN-T695SF Panasonic NN-T695SM Panasonic NNT935SF Panasonic NN-T935SM Panasonic NNT945SF Panasonic NN-T945SM Panasonic NNT945SS Panasonic NNT955SF Panasonic NN-T955SM Panasonic NNT964SFR Panasonic NNT965SF Panasonic NN-T965SM Panasonic NNT975SF Panasonic NN-T975SM Panasonic NNT985SF Panasonic NN-T985SM Panasonic NNT994SFR Panasonic NN-T995 Panasonic NN-T995SF Panasonic NN-T995SM